17 March 2009

Human? Robot?

We always heard about robots nowadays,performing
different kind of movement in order to help us in
daily life.(yes, human is getting lazy and lazier)
I guess one day robots will replace us just like
what we saw in the sci-fiction movies.
Recently,Japanese researchers have built a robot
that will soon catwalk in a Tokyo fashion show.
It also boasts 42 motion motors programmed to move
like a flesh-and-blood fashion model.

Yes,fashion model and catwalk! Do you believe in her?

This fashion robot called HRP-4C, 43KG weight.
This robot looks like a Japanese sex toy doll for me, it just look
like an average Japanese pornstar woman, and she is tooooo
short to walk in any runway, can she wear heels too?
why don't
they do something not looking like that? why always
female robot only?
perhaps an edgy look as fashion model or a hunk? LOL!
Anyway, lets check her face out!

She has quite natural facial expression..

Meanwhile Hiroshi Kobayashi, a professor at
Tokyo University of Science, has
developed a
robot 'teacher' called Saya,which he says can
mimic female facial expressions.

Saya works as a receptionist at the University
of Science's front desk in Tokyo, Japan.
Can't imagine how these robots act like..
Lets check her face out!

OMG.. looks like a haunted doll..with the bad skin
complexion/make up? do u notice her ugly eyelashes
are falling off? That's a scary facial expression.
HRP-4C is better than her! don't you think so??
(finish my complain. thank you for reading)