15 May 2008

Marc Jacobs NYU skin cancer T-shirt

A brilliant melanoma (skin cancer) awareness campaign by Marc Jacobs and Robert Duffy. naked celebrity photograph t-shirts with"protect the skin you're in","protect your largest organ" and "save your ass" wordings with proceeds going from the sale of t-shirts (and later the photographs) to NYU interdisciplinary school of medicine melanoma cooperative group.

Alison Lohman

Dita Von Teese

Eva Mendes

Heidi Klum

Naomi Campbell

Joss Stone

Andrew Wayer

Brandon Trentham

Chico Clark

Daniel Plenge

Jason Thompson

Owen Marvel

Kyle Avila

Robert Duffy

(There are more celeb T-shirt available)

The Details: (
click on the image to view bigger size)

Victoria Beckham tee, the back of every pieces are same.

(The sleeve details)

Window of Marc Jacobs store in New York City

Nice ya? I wish I have ALL ! muahahaha~