10 October 2007

Merdeka Blast fashion competition

I joined a Merdeka
(Malaysia Independence Day)
Fashion competition on
31st August 2007,
and i won the 3rd place
in this competition..
I just got the pics recently,
so i post it here now..

My design illustration board:

My theme of the design is "19:57"

Inspired by the Numbers/Time/

Our country became independent in
the year of 1957,Then I converted
the numbers of the year into the
time which is 19:57
in international time(7:57 pm)
This timing is closely related to

my design because around this
time KLCC will lights up beatifully
and our national flower -Hibiscus
will wilt simultaneously..
This scene brings the meaning of :

"Even though our country is getting prosper but
the beauty of the nature,habitat and our culture
are still remain the same, being practice by all
malaysian peacefully and it lies in our heart and
soul eternally..."

Lets take a look on that day...

the judges, Nazleen Noor, Gillian Hung, and..guess who?

Me and my All time favourite
and best partner
(i care her as my sis)
miss Belle aka Leng Sean..
shot by a photographer
at the event..

on the stage..
the "Hibiscus" can be remove...

yeahhh~i won for TARC!haha..

take a pic with Gillian..

putting on my garment for

the details:

50 pieces of "Hibiscus petals"
represent the
50 years of Merdeka..

the night scene of KLCC, loaded
crystals as the "lights on"...
Around 300 pieces crystal on
my dress..all stick by hand..
one by one..
*until i burn my hands* haha..
just to make sure it wont fall..
Thanks for the photographer.. =)

08 October 2007

This mv is interesting though i dont know what song it is..

So Called - You Are Never Alone