28 January 2007

soooooooooooooooooooooo sad to hear that she has passed away....bad bad news.. ;-(

i help one of my course mate edit her pic..

(she didn't know i edited her pic yet..)

its that a big diff between the pics? ha ha..

(don't let her know i post it here..otherwise she will kill me!)
i fall-in-love with snooker lately..
this pic was taken in a snooker court in genting klang..
jesmy help me take this pic..she seems dont like to help me..
cos she say i am fussy abt having a good pic..wahaha..am i?
connie was there too..but both them dont want to appear in frame
as they didnt put on make up..haha..

my recent edited pic..
bringing 3 meanings:
1.the bitches who love to act innocent infront of u..
2.the bitches who love to xerox u..
3.the bitches who love to say others bad things

infront of u, and....say ur bad things infront of