16 June 2007

Yuka Yamaguchi

I noticed a great artist, YukaYamaguchi
from Japan recently,I totally fall in
love with her drawing by colour pencils!
Look at these..Oh my god..I was shocked
when i first saw her work, too nice and
i am very into this style of expression
that her used in her drawings..she's ROCKs!!
i just post a few of her drawings here..
in fact i love almost all of her creation..
please leave comments guys! thankss..

"Secret Elephant"

"Inside of Me"



a pretty mother of a baby boy..

15 June 2007

watch this..u will be in shock!

03 June 2007

Umbrella by Rihanna

watch this..my favourite song of the month..
rihanna is hot..dono what stupid jay-z doin there..
i like the water effect while rihanna is dancing
and the "silver surfer" look..haha..enjoy!