28 September 2007


I enjoy horror movie a lot..
this coming halloween, "SAW" is
goin to make my day again..

dont you curious what horrible
"games" will be "play" again
though the JIGSAW was dead?
as he said:"this is only the
so, let the game start...
if it's halloween, it must
be..SAW IV..

25 September 2007

It's all about feathers!! autumn/winter 07

bag by Valentino

great mixture of feathers..
handbag by Salvatore Ferragamo

see the clutch she holding?
nice feathers there..

not the fur cape,
look at the feathers high heels..
both from Dior by Galliano..

Even the hair gets feathering
in Nina Ricci autumn/winter 07

a cute bag from Fendi..

i personally fall in love with this
Voodoo Bag, it looks sososososososo
adorable..isn't it? it cost RM25,380!!
Voodoo Bag in fendi runway..
P/S: Alex comment
if u r one of the feather bag
user in this season, try to
avoid matching it with flower
and complicated patterned garment.
wear a plain or single color dress,
have a big shinny leather or metalic
belt on waist, do wear 4" above heels
to create a gorgeous look in this season!

08 September 2007

The Ice Hockey

i went to sunway with eddy
to catch an
ice hockey competiton.

my brother ,Eddy with me..
my mouth looks weird,
do slap my face please..

the messy scene before the competition start..
there were foreigners from few countries,
i saw some koreans and caucasians..

i think this is the "cleaner" to put away
the melting ice waters..

saw some equipments on da floor,
so i snap them..

(study the picture below and answer all the questions)

(choose and underline the best answer)
Question 1:
they were putting on the
before the competition starts.

Question 2:
but none of them look

hahahhahaa, i hope they will
not going to slap me when
they saw this..

cute Jacklyn with me,
she is Eddy gf..

i enjoy watching this..they r so skillful..
and quite nice to watch many ppls fighting
for one tiny things..hohohoho..

hope to watch it again, muahhh..
Bonus Picture:

well, i know this is nothing to do with
ice hockey..but the players are so HOT!!!
my godness..

01 September 2007

The Simpsons go to Paris!!

It was so lovely to discover
a set of interesting pictures
abt the simpsons family travel
to Paris,but not stay in Hilton
hotel..u know what i mean..hehe..

see Louis Vuitton luggages?



Chanel , see Karl Lagerfeld behind?


Jean Paul Gaultier

Viktor & Rolf

Louis Vuitton by Marc Jacob

see Marc and Karl with these artpieces:

Marc is mine..Karl for you..hehe..

Look here, hottie~

Oh Mr. Karl..

Alber Elbaz