30 March 2007

watch this..beyonce and shakira..sexy, beautiful liar..

29 March 2007


recently i found a gorgeous pic of kylie..she
dressed up in her own potrait dress..so nice..
Then i search somemore pics frm my notebook to
post it here..here we have ayumi hamasaki in
this kind of dress too..nice ya? is this a sign
of Diva?

and faye wong too..but not that flamboyant..i think
its edited based on her "the most favourite faye"
album concept..including some images frm some of her
previous album on the cover..nice combination..

in addition,

paris also being printed on guess b4..

collections from Anya Hindmarch, a brand
that famous coz of this "be-a-bag" concept collection..
many stars ,designers and models have printed thier own bag too..custom made..i love it....
Be-a-bag take approximately 10 weeks to make and
made to order with your own photograph.. You'll be asked to
supply your image once your payment has been processed.
For further information on Be-a-Bag

click this:

last but not least..

my bitchy be-a-bag..hehe..

21 March 2007

Make-up/edited attack!!

today me,connie and jesmy walk by one of our fren,(her name is penny)
penny :" r u sick?" jesmy answered:"no,i didnt put on make up.."
we all laughed out very crazily..cos jesmy seldom presemt herself without make up..
it makes her looks quite a massive different with daily her..(according to her)haha..
and penny looks felt very wrong to ask that and just keep on laughing..
so funny that our fren thought she is sick when she didnt wear make up..
i saw this clip frm my photography lecturer b4..
then i asked him to make a copy for me..
but he dont want let me to do so..stupid him..
now i got it when kainen ask me to view his blog..
(this is also something about that case..and may b many ppls story..
me 2? may be..wahahahahaa...)
HOT!! haha..u guys gotta look at this..

10 March 2007

we visited to the nearest shopping complex frm our school after class on today..and we have pizza as our lunch there..
we also proposely disturbed mr fedirick at his shop too..
hahahaa... =P

damn..baby con always take picture without notice..
but sometimes a couple shots look nice..so i forgive her..

con said this is the most natural shot i ever have..
she likes sudden shot..
p/s:fedirick looks funny..

jenn hates this pic..she said her face look
very stiff and ugly..
but me n baby con do think we look "ok" in this pic..
2 vs 1?
we won!! so i posted it..but blocked jenn face..

again..i think she did better now..hehe...

09 March 2007

Chinese pls listen to this..fuckin funny..

07 March 2007


this is my studies group pic..
(we r best buddies too)
actually there was one more boy, but he quit
due to his failure of 2 subjects..sad story..

05 March 2007

me and my younger sis..
i cut her a bob when we met

in hometown during my chinese
new year holiday..

04 March 2007

CHRISTIAN DIOR 07 s/s haute couture by John Galliano

i saw the collection of S/S Dior haute couture lately..
Galliano is damn talented in design weird but lovely(for me) couture..i really love this collection!!! alot!!
this collection is inspired by oriental countries culture such as Japan and China..most of the design in this collection is art pieces of Origami(paper folding art from japan), as we see,some parts of the couture are harden to fold into some famous traditional origami like cranes and flowers..i love this idea as they fold paper art by cloth..hah..one more extra thing,all models are set up with different hairstyle..all heads are creatively decorated..
and the make up..fantatstic..
Below are some of my favourite coutures in whole collection (45 pieces)
its worthy to have a look!! come come..

nice ya? nice is not the word.. i call those
gorgeous + fantastic...
galliano is such a god..







finally, this is edison chen for Levi's
i think this is his new shooting..

02 March 2007


happy belated chinese new year to everyone!!
finally i found my photoshoot with piggy
abt few years ago..haha..
cos this year is pig year in chinese zodiac..

click on it to view larger image

this pic bringing meanings..
"altough pig 4 most of us is images of "ugly","fat","stupid",
but it still got many advantage 4 us..(for non-islamic)"
(cos many chinese like to describe/scold ugly,fat or stupid things as PIG,ask urself!! isit??) infact chinese love pig the most since chinese say “打是疼,骂是爱” means "punnish and scold is a kind of love"..last but not least, pig is cute and usefull+delicious!! i love pork!!

01 March 2007

DNA = Dylan and Alex

we bought "u.s.Dollar" by Ringgit Malaysia..

around bkt. bintang, we saw a group of weird
caucasic guy dressed up in spiderman suits!!
where is the catwomen !? i want her!!