17 May 2007

Back To Penang!

Tommy, Yulie and me in one of the part in
Queensbay mall which havent complete yet..

take a chance to pose with the
"models" of a salon which opening
soon in Queensbay mall. haha..

guess who i met?? i met my ex in
Gurney plaza!! sweet memory..

me and Tommy at Cosmic Cafe..

asunta(haha,funny name),me,Tommy,Jian Bin
and Yu En..

09 May 2007

Genting Highland

i went to Genting Highland with few of
my friends..it was a nice trip though it
was just 2 days since i enjoy cold weather
so much..and as usual,we took pictures but
just choose some "presentable" one to post
it online..haha..

Bell and me

me and Jeff
(i dropped my Loius Vuitton card
holder here after took this pic..
i realised that after half hour
and quickly rush back to here..
luckily i managed to find it back!
such a fatal incident if i lost it!
all of my important things will be
gone at once!)
I met Mickey in Safari Club..
long time never see her ald..
miss her so much..she changed her
fringe's color again!
once in a week if not mistaken..hah..
dizzy look after couple glass of drinks..
Jeff,me,Bell and Joyce..
(i love the background!)

08 May 2007

iFEEL magazine photoshoot

i joined a photoshoot of a local
magazine as hair stylist..
we set up the hair and make-up
in designer house and go to
a park which feed sorts of
animals for the shoot..one of
the model's hair was too short
to style up,so i added some
wigs to make it look nicer..
i took only a few pics that
day..cos i was sick and the
weather was very hot!

i'm so short! thanks to kenneth
for the lovely background..=)

May Leong, me and Chrislyn..

they r so cute and sweet..
b4 we end the shoot,(actually the sunlight
by tht day was not as he desire according
to the photographer,they plan to reshoot one
more time in the next day,but i was absence
cos of food poison..i went to hospital!)
i spend 3 minutes to take photos at that
scene too..thanks to May Leong for the
photos..here is my best shot..

close up..

07 May 2007

Prada Spring/Summer 07 ads

I found these quite interesting..
so i bring the journey here..
let's travel!! =)

last but not least, i created
"one-of-the-kind" photo for
my Leng Yein jiejie too..
named as "iceberg beauty"
"冰山美人" in mandarin..hah..

06 May 2007

Dolly Look is On!!

I saw these images in most shopping malls recently..
these are some ads from M.A.C.
M.A.C.and Mattel(barbie's company) were
working out for this collections of
make-up product..the collection
name is "Barbie Loves M.A.C."
I totally fall in love with this
attractive look..they are real Barbies!!
below are the entire collection of
"Barbie Loves M.A.C."

bonus pictures for another dolly look..

cute ya? yes!!=)

01 May 2007

Moda 2007

me and my frens went to MODA
fashion show and MYDC
(Malaysia Young Designer Competition)
plus Belverdere Vodka fashion design
competiton..we were competitior at 1st,
but at last we do usher and
dresser at that day..becoz of what?
read below this pic..

Before we go,i took my time to
frame our incomplete garment
of the competition..

On the way going to there,
few of my fellows sat on
LRT floor and having their
"games"..and there was an
old man sleeping while
standing at there..but in
a flash,he suddenly woke up..

Me,cute Jenn,Jesmy(cute also)and ms Connie

my hot+charming lecturer,Mr Jasmi(not justyou)
he was having his show there on that day too..

Me and a male model of the show.
his name is Peter, he is HOT!!

Due to lack of sleep and too tired,
i slept on a display sofa at there..hah..
my fren took this pic! but quite special
so i post it here..haha..