26 June 2008

UPDATED ! beware , HOT!!

Last but not least, Dior phone~!!!! my godness..
although Dior have SOMETHING to blink your eyes
, but personally, i still love Chanel phone most among all..
come on, i know you are not a loser,
dear Dior..i don't want cannage pattern, gimme a monogram one..
i think this wont be the last fashion phone after Dior join in the war..
Gucci ,where are u? dont forget to call Hermes together!

*Dior Phone only available in Dior store with special order*

it's time for Chanel to launch its phone after all those
fashion labels out there done, but cross over with some exist phone
company..I think this is much more juicy and tasty than i-phone..
one of my new "item-of-desire"..hehe..

let's review the phones by other fashion label:

Prada X LG :

Giorgio Armani
X Samsung :

X Motorola :

20 June 2008

Graduation Fashion Show

Today is the day for my graduation fashion show,
which is the end
of my studies in fashion diploma..

Theme :
"Pretty Filthy"

My design for this collection is inspired by the scene of rubbish
The silhouette and the details on my design are inspired
by the garbage bag and
torn or mangle waste. I use several
types of fabrics
such as wrinkled taffeta in darker tone and I
transform the net into stained and dirty colours. Any single
piece of those fabrics would look dull,
and my goal is to join
them into garments which
look interesting since
I want to
mar and reform
the appearance or habitually judgement
nliness in luxury beauty.

“Neat doesn’t means beautiful,
pretty doesn’t means clean”

(click on the photo for the larger size)

evening/cocktail dress

casual/high street wear

Avant Garde

(the look before pull out)

(the look after pull out)

Belle Leng Sean, Mookie Melissa Neow, Yvonne Khoo

exhibition booth

see the rubbish bin name card holder? haha..

me and my dear Belle ;-P

Yvonne, Mookie, me and belle.

me, Belle, Mookie and Yvonne.