19 April 2007

senior graduation fashion show

Today is the graduation day for year 2
diploma of my school..i was dresser and
hair stylist for the show..
i took "a few" pics and "a few" of them
are not presentable..hah..so i just post
some nice/ok one here..

Me and Ee Yin, my best fren ever..

Me and pretty Bella.k.a.Leng Sean..

Me and model of Evon, Phoebe.

Me,Stella,Evon,Ee Yin and Bell after the show..





And i also rush to another graduation
booth of advertising design student
to present a hair cut demonstration..
i was like a crazy man today..
but it was quite fun..

this model name is "Lau Kah Ling"
same name as a hk actress..haha..

my cousin,YoYo and me..

15 April 2007

insect's day

Today my house so many insects..
isit insect's day?
most insect that i seldom see appeared
in my house suddenly..

i dono what is this..

and this.....

big butterfly!!

quite pretty rite? still got a few weird
bugs.. but i didnt take the picture down..
and lots of YELLOW color ladybugs..

07 April 2007


The movie poster

Today, i watched "perfume"
the movie was so nice..i like the story from
beginning 2 the end..i think its one of the
MUST watch movie of the year..
but when i reached KLCC TGV, there were so
many ppls queuing up..this movie show time
was 6.50 pm.. but i reached there abt 6.30pm..
I wanted to watch it so much..its imposible
to make it if i queue up behind a damn long
line.. in order to make it, so i tried to
stuck myself in very front of the queue..
finally..i got it!!(the ticket)

below are some scenes in the movie:

you will enjoy the movie..so,just watch it..

03 April 2007

*Oxygen* magazine photoshoot

my fren called me up to do hairstyling
for a magazine photoshoot..
let's see what happened in the procedure..

makeup+ing for 1st shoot..

pretty..i simply love this hairstyle..

K.V.and edm is adjusting the garment..


a smoking model..

smoke in..

smoke out..hah..

i created this for the second look..

after wear it..sveta keep on complaining
that's very hot!!hah..

touch up her make up..

we went to a collapsed house for 2nd shoot..

nice pose ya!

me and Sveta,my hair looks so ugly..
cos grew long..i never keep long hair b4..
i planned to..but i think i will cut
again..cos i cant stand the period between
short & long..i told sveta i am so ugly to
take pic with her..
sveta said:"hey!come on..dont say that.."


i miss a few shoot session cos waitting for them while
take care for our stuffs at a small indian stall..

this is last shoot..on the road..many ppls drove by
and see what we doing..eshaha..
3"C"s = "Curiosity Creates Crowd"

raining very soon when we taking this pic..

RAIN!! im not calling that korean cutie!
alehluyah...its raining!
we pack all things and waitting
to go back..





finally i realised how horrible sun-burn is...

01 April 2007


kenneth pass me the wigs to cut today..
those wigs will use for a magazine photoshoot..
and i try some on after i cut them and styled up..
they did create many different looks..

what's this? lady ghost frm toilet
bowl? nah..this is the scene when i
washing the wig in da toilet..hahah..

some say i look old in this wig..

nice ya? i love it so much too..

this is the most horrible i think.
cant imagine myself having this
kind of hairstyle..haha..