18 January 2009

childhood memory 1 *laugh*

Recently, I read some blogs which seem like a zone for their
owner to show off their latest collection of branded handbags
which they "won" back from the battle of shopping spree,
I ain't no richie rich so i can't own those bags with big big
price tag but I did always check the latest trend of branded
bags and and wish to own some simultaneously.. =P
When I'm still in school, (primary and 2ndary school i mean)
I already started my passion in this matters, magazines
are one of my textbook which I will buy and renew every
months/issues, even my friends and relatives were laughing
my mom to have such a weird kid, me. ( yes, I read Happer's,
Vogue, Elle, Zip, Esquire, Men's Uno, etc since age 8)
undeniably,I love fashion since I was very young, but what
I could own at that time is only fancy pencil bags/cases instead
of those bla bla bags! Today, i accidentally found some of my
childhood "bags" which made me much more happy time in
the boring school days which I can "carry" and change them
whenever I found a new piece of collection..LOL!

p/s: These are only a FEW of them, I remember I had more
than 50 collections! =P

08 January 2009

Roberto Cavalli X MasterCard

Guess what? yes, a Roberto Cavalli iconic snakeskin print
MasterCard. This “Cavalli Card” will be available starting
the 1st of March, a launch event is scheduled for Milan
Fashion Week in March. Cavalli Card will entitle cardholders
to a number of benefits, ranging from dedicated VIP services
at all Cavalli boutiques and access to special sales to invitations
to events, fashion shows and trunk shows.
In addition, Cavalli Card teamed up with a number of luxury
partners in the wellness, beauty, hospitality, and travel arenas,
which will offer cardholders a range of exclusive lifestyle benefits
and privileges. Cool huh?
Grab your application forms now at
and in all Roberto Cavalli boutiques worldwide!