18 October 2010

are you serious?

are you sure? this bag?
is this paper bag???
I even love your "real" paper bag more than
this is lame,
make us feel truly prada please, our beloved [prada]!

20 March 2010

Prêt-à- 'portea' ??

Let's talk about fashion while having your hi-tea and
have them 'soaking' in your tea cup...hmm...
make your tea 'taste' like Jean Paul for only $10! cool rite?
oh come on Mr.Karl..I wanna squeeze out all your 'juice' in that 'bag'..

08 July 2009

sew for soul

i can't sleep! what to do? it's 4 in the morning..and i decided to sew
something.. taaadaaahh~ i done this..i sewn a new single bed sheet
+ 2 pillow cases..

see my "wooden" pillow? hehe..i love that wooden printed fabric..
my pillow look so HARD..lol..look like my the floor too..
and one more pillow cases is same to my cute skull prints bed
sheet..i feel so Halloween sleeping in my bed!
oh ya, with my baby pumpkin!

well, thats all..its about 7 am now..finally i feel sleepy..

07 May 2009

Chanel oh Chanel~

Last season we saw this cool bag on Chanel runway and every
fashion magazine, it probably let you see what Mr.Karl see..

Now we have this..Chanel is really making me crazy! plexi
clear Chanel carryall, just like a gadget plastic box wrap which
you havent unpack! with a signature Chanel handbag
tucked inside and spaces for perfume, lipstick, powder,
glasses and even your i-pod! I'm getting obsessed to
Chanel because of them..I WANT THEM!!!!!!!!!

17 March 2009

Human? Robot?

We always heard about robots nowadays,performing
different kind of movement in order to help us in
daily life.(yes, human is getting lazy and lazier)
I guess one day robots will replace us just like
what we saw in the sci-fiction movies.
Recently,Japanese researchers have built a robot
that will soon catwalk in a Tokyo fashion show.
It also boasts 42 motion motors programmed to move
like a flesh-and-blood fashion model.

Yes,fashion model and catwalk! Do you believe in her?

This fashion robot called HRP-4C, 43KG weight.
This robot looks like a Japanese sex toy doll for me, it just look
like an average Japanese pornstar woman, and she is tooooo
short to walk in any runway, can she wear heels too?
why don't
they do something not looking like that? why always
female robot only?
perhaps an edgy look as fashion model or a hunk? LOL!
Anyway, lets check her face out!

She has quite natural facial expression..

Meanwhile Hiroshi Kobayashi, a professor at
Tokyo University of Science, has
developed a
robot 'teacher' called Saya,which he says can
mimic female facial expressions.

Saya works as a receptionist at the University
of Science's front desk in Tokyo, Japan.
Can't imagine how these robots act like..
Lets check her face out!

OMG.. looks like a haunted doll..with the bad skin
complexion/make up? do u notice her ugly eyelashes
are falling off? That's a scary facial expression.
HRP-4C is better than her! don't you think so??
(finish my complain. thank you for reading)

18 January 2009

childhood memory 1 *laugh*

Recently, I read some blogs which seem like a zone for their
owner to show off their latest collection of branded handbags
which they "won" back from the battle of shopping spree,
I ain't no richie rich so i can't own those bags with big big
price tag but I did always check the latest trend of branded
bags and and wish to own some simultaneously.. =P
When I'm still in school, (primary and 2ndary school i mean)
I already started my passion in this matters, magazines
are one of my textbook which I will buy and renew every
months/issues, even my friends and relatives were laughing
my mom to have such a weird kid, me. ( yes, I read Happer's,
Vogue, Elle, Zip, Esquire, Men's Uno, etc since age 8)
undeniably,I love fashion since I was very young, but what
I could own at that time is only fancy pencil bags/cases instead
of those bla bla bags! Today, i accidentally found some of my
childhood "bags" which made me much more happy time in
the boring school days which I can "carry" and change them
whenever I found a new piece of collection..LOL!

p/s: These are only a FEW of them, I remember I had more
than 50 collections! =P

08 January 2009

Roberto Cavalli X MasterCard

Guess what? yes, a Roberto Cavalli iconic snakeskin print
MasterCard. This “Cavalli Card” will be available starting
the 1st of March, a launch event is scheduled for Milan
Fashion Week in March. Cavalli Card will entitle cardholders
to a number of benefits, ranging from dedicated VIP services
at all Cavalli boutiques and access to special sales to invitations
to events, fashion shows and trunk shows.
In addition, Cavalli Card teamed up with a number of luxury
partners in the wellness, beauty, hospitality, and travel arenas,
which will offer cardholders a range of exclusive lifestyle benefits
and privileges. Cool huh?
Grab your application forms now at
and in all Roberto Cavalli boutiques worldwide!

12 December 2008

Vogue 2009 calender!

Vogue Italia just released their 2009
calendar which
shot by Terry Richardson.
You can get the it with the December/January
issue of
Vogue Italia.May be this will cause
those fashion idiot straight boys start to
buy fashion magazine 1st time in their life
instead of buying Playboy..
who is your favorite girl(/model)?
Grab it before sold out! =)
cover of the calender

08 December 2008

Madonna for Louis Vuitton

Each year, Louis Vuitton spends more than $250 million on
advertising, now we have the pop icon for the latest ad-campaign,
photographed by Steven Miesel after the end of Louis Vuitton’s
6 years collaboration with photographers Mert Alas and
Marcus Piggott
. Marc mentioned that he’d attended a concert
by Madonna the and totally blown away by her performance,
by what she had to say, and her never-ending energy.
These ads are shoot in the restaurant Figaro which located at North Vermont Avenue in Los Angeles. She is still as hot as 16 years ago when Steven Miesel shoot the "SEX" artistic photos album for her.
Watch out for these ads since this fashion campaign would appear “very strongly” in February and March issues of all big fashion magazines..
Madonna wearing a dress of LV Spring'09 collection in Gucci "Tattoo Heart Collection" event.

03 December 2008

fashion crime??

Last month Lily Allen was criticized for wearing a pendant in the
shape of an AK47 rifle because she met with London Mayor Boris
Johnson to discuss her view on the gun crime epidemic in the capital
a few weeks before and she had suggested ways to challenge the
notion among young people that carrying weapons was streetwise or
cool. what a hilarious story, who are her stylist? or she wore that by herself?

Lily is not alone in choosing controversial accessories.
Madonna courted controversy after she appeared on
the red carpet in New York wearing Chanel gun heels.
Stupid anti-gun campaigners have denounced Madonna as
'irresponsible' and 'utterly senseless' for choosing such a design
involving gun, but Madonna has nothing to do with the
what-so-ever gun crime epidemic!
Dear Mamadonna, don't ever care about them!

These dangerously sexy heels cost RM6360 per pair.
Chanel used the real gun casing in the runway but the gun heels which
selling in the boutique are made from certain acrylic material
You Love it or hate it? whatever~ as long as Karl made a statement
again and actually i did sketched a GUN heels last year in my
design project before Chanel make it in Cruise'09 collection. Cheers!

01 December 2008

Pop star Katy Perry had a frantic night at the MTV Europe Music
Awards, she keep on changing into 10 different quirky outfits during
the show and opened the awards singing her number one hit
"I kissed a girl".
Cherries, Chapstick or Bananas? which one you like? lol..

merry-go-round Manish Arora corset dress is cute enough..
right picture showing Katy in an _ _ _ _ outfit.
(ugly outfit, I mean it)
not sure about the designer..but it looks suxxx for me!

new U.S. president, Barack Obama's portrait
sequinned dress, created by French designer
Jean Charles de Castelbajac. Bravo!

green-eyed Jean Charles de Castelbajac dress
and a half tuxedo, half prom dress ensemble..
interesting facial expression u had, Perry.. O_O

01 November 2008

John Galliano Spring'09 R-T-W

Look at those killer heels from Galliano..
I was thinking to try on it too..can i ??

23 October 2008

Marc Jacobs and Sponge Bob

Dear Marc,
i know u love Sponge Bob,
but i never know u would do that..

08 October 2008

Today is 8th of October, a special day for you,HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear sister, being 20 this year, cherish every precious moment, hope all your wishes will come true.. Remember to take good care of yourself and our family, I love u always..

02 October 2008

Time and Distance..

today me, Belle and Kelvin went to airport..Nick is leaving to UK..
my dear Belle, don't worry, 2 months is a short period..see u soon Nick..

11 August 2008

ever eat this? my friend brought it back for me from Taiwan,
i wonder where can i find this in Malaysia? anyone know?
Well, what are those "black marbles? its actually eggs which
they boiled in some home-made sauce and blow it dry by fan.
This processes are repeat for at least 7 days until the eggs
become hard and as dark as the sauce! so they named it
"steel egg"..hehe...what a name..
This food has it own history..who created it?
u will know if u can read the chinese words below.. =P

Explanation in chinese:




26 June 2008

UPDATED ! beware , HOT!!

Last but not least, Dior phone~!!!! my godness..
although Dior have SOMETHING to blink your eyes
, but personally, i still love Chanel phone most among all..
come on, i know you are not a loser,
dear Dior..i don't want cannage pattern, gimme a monogram one..
i think this wont be the last fashion phone after Dior join in the war..
Gucci ,where are u? dont forget to call Hermes together!

*Dior Phone only available in Dior store with special order*

it's time for Chanel to launch its phone after all those
fashion labels out there done, but cross over with some exist phone
company..I think this is much more juicy and tasty than i-phone..
one of my new "item-of-desire"..hehe..

let's review the phones by other fashion label:

Prada X LG :

Giorgio Armani
X Samsung :

X Motorola :